Batteries anyone?

A day from the life of a Deaf person:

The moment when you are out and about and the Hearing Aid battery dies.. If you don’t have a fresh battery on hand, you have to spend the rest of the time unable to hear, until you go home and replace with a fresh battery. It happened to me so many times! Nowadays I always ensure that I have a supply of fresh batteries in my purse wherever I go. Otherwise it would get too frustrating if I need fresh batteries but don’t have any!

My digital hearing aids also beep when my battery is about to expire. I still remember the first time I wore these hearing aids a few years ago. I heard something in the house go “beep-beep-beep!” I was startled, and tried to find out what the sound was. A computer? A phone? The next day it happened again, and my hearing aid switched off. That’s when I realized that the beeping sound, that only I could hear, was a warning that my battery was about to expire 🙂

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