Getting the Attention of Deaf Persons

ImageLet’s say I – as a person with hearing loss – am in a quiet room with another person, and I am concentrated doing something else (reading or working). I hear the other person’s voice, who either called my name to talk to me or picked up the phone to talk to someone else. I hear the voice but I do not know what the person said, as I was working and did not read the lips. Since no one else is in the room, I will assume that the person is talking to me (unless he is talking to himself ). So I stop what I am doing to look at the person and see what he is saying by reading his lips. 

If, on the other hand, I am in a room with 2 other persons, and they are talking to each other while I am concentrated doing something else, I will not look up if one of them calls my name. Even though I hear the voices, I will assume that they are talking to each other and would not realize that my name is being called. In this case, I continue to ignore them until they get my attention!

– Tap the Deaf person gently on the shoulder to get attention.
– If beyond the reach to tap, wave in the air until eye contact is established.
– Switch lights on and off to get attention.
– Ask other people to pass on your wave or tap until you get the Deaf person’s attention.
– Knock lightly on the table as this releases vibrations that the Deaf person can feel.

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