Startled by Sound


It is normal for people with hearing loss to hear a sound but not knowing what it is or where it is coming from. These are sounds which people who can hear ignore, like background chatter, or cars passing by, or utensils clanging, etc. Not knowing where it is coming from, a Deaf person can get startled very easily by a sound. I was once in a kitchen and put a plate with food in the microwave. I started to wash the dishes and the drain started making gurgling noises several moments after using the water. I did not realize that the sound was coming from the drain – the sound scared me out of my wits. I rushed to the microwave to switch it off, thinking that the sound was coming from there. I thought that the microwave was damaged, or that the plate was not ”microwave-safe”.. Or maybe the food was burning inside? I was even expecting to see a cloud of smoke coming out of the microwave! But the microwave, the food, and the plate seemed fine. I was confused, wondering what the noise was. The next day, I was in the kitchen and my friend was using the same sink, when I heard the noise again. The microwave was switched off.. THAT was when I realized where the noise was coming from!

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