Hearing Aids

Hearing aids don’t work like glasses. Glasses can transform an image that is blurry and distorted into something crisp and clear. So if you wear glasses, in most cases, you can see as clearly as someone who does not wear glasses. With hearing aids, this is not the case. Hearing aids just help to increase the volume of sound. They help to make sounds louder, but not necessarily crisper or clearer. Most ‪#‎deaf‬ people can hear when someone is talking to them; they just can’t understand what words are being said. The clarity is not there. That’s why deaf people read lips. Hearing aids also do not exactly differentiate among sounds – a hearing aid wearer hears not only the important sounds like conversations, but also the background noises (like the hum of the fridge or air conditioner, background music, clanging dishes and cutlery, the wind, etc). And it is difficult for deaf people to ”switch off” these background noises, which interfere with their ability to hear, understand, and/or pay attention to important sounds like conversations. When dining out, I do prefer quiet (and well-lighted) restaurants over loud sports bars, as otherwise it’s next to impossible for me to have a conversation. It’s also so much better if the restaurant is carpeted, as this prevents the annoying scraping sound when chairs are moved!hearing aids

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