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What does a sign language interpreter do?

A sign language interpreter converts the spoken language to sign language and vice versa. The interpreter has to listen, understand and memorise the content of the original language and accurately convey the message in sign language. The same goes when … Continue reading

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How does hearing loss affect communication?

What is the relationship between hearing, speech and language? Hearing is important for speech and language development, communication, and learning. Children listen to others speak for approximately a whole year (even a little more) before they can actually start to speak. … Continue reading

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Feeling the Sound

So for the past couple of months, we have been using a new dishwasher in our new home. Husband says that this dishwasher makes some sounds throughout the cycles. Like rattling or clicking or the swishing of water being sprayed around inside the tub or the … Continue reading

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Behind Closed Doors

The other day, I had an appointment at hospital with the medical board. They were doing some interviews of people with disability, so there were many other people who had this appointment. I spoke to the receptionist to confirm my arrival, … Continue reading

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Startled by Sound

It is normal for people with hearing loss to hear a sound but not knowing what it is or where it is coming from. These are sounds which people who can hear ignore, like background chatter, or cars passing by, … Continue reading

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Invisible disability

Many deaf individuals do not perceive themselves as being disabled. Yet deafness is considered a disability within the context of our society. A disability is “a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or … Continue reading

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