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Behind Closed Doors

The other day, I had an appointment at hospital with the medical board. They were doing some interviews of people with disability, so there were many other people who had this appointment. I spoke to the receptionist to confirm my arrival, … Continue reading

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Startled by Sound

It is normal for people with hearing loss to hear a sound but not knowing what it is or where it is coming from. These are sounds which people who can hear ignore, like background chatter, or cars passing by, … Continue reading

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Getting the Attention of Deaf Persons

Let’s say I – as a person with hearing loss – am in a quiet room with another person, and I am concentrated doing something else (reading or working). I hear the other person’s voice, who either called my name … Continue reading

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Hearing Loss and Confessional Religious confession is most widely practiced in the Catholic Church. Usually, the penitent goes into one compartment, the priest goes into the other, and they communicate via a screen that connects the two. The confessional’s division between … Continue reading

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Deaf and Smart

Deaf and Dumb. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, pronounced deaf people as “deaf and dumb,” because he felt that deaf people were incapable of being taught, of learning, and of reasoned thinking. To his way of thinking, if a person could … Continue reading

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Melodic pattern of words

Deaf speakers frequently experience difficulties in generating a proper intonation. Intonation is the melodic pattern of words, and it is a matter of difference in the pitch level of the voice. When speaking, intonation is used to convey a different … Continue reading

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Batteries anyone?

A day from the life of a Deaf person: The moment when you are out and about and the Hearing Aid battery dies.. If you don’t have a fresh battery on hand, you have to spend the rest of the time unable … Continue reading

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