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Deaf Children and Bilingualism

Last week I was invited to represent the Maltese Sign Language Council (Kunsill tal-Lingwa tas-Sinjali Maltija), together with my colleague Mr George Vella, to participate in the celebrations of the first ever International Day of Sign Languages, held at the … Continue reading

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Yes, I speak.. and it does not make me any less Deaf!

When I was younger, my mother joined me for any appointment that I had. Going by myself would mean that I may not understand or follow everything, due to my deafness. Yet, as I grew older, as much as I … Continue reading

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Deaf mother in a foreign country

Dear followers.. You may have wondered why I have been away from A Silent World during the past months. It is true that I have not been posting, and this was due to my daughter being hospitalised. I had to … Continue reading

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Back to School

It’s back-to-school for most students on┬áMonday in Malta. Do you have a son or a daughter who is deaf or hard of hearing? Do you have a Deaf student in class? Advice for Parents For parents who have Deaf children, … Continue reading

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What does a sign language interpreter do?

A sign language interpreter converts the spoken language to sign language and vice versa. The interpreter has to listen, understand and memorise the content of the original language and accurately convey the message in sign language. The same goes when … Continue reading

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How does hearing loss affect communication?

What is┬áthe relationship between hearing, speech and language? Hearing is important for speech and language development, communication, and learning. Children listen to others speak for approximately a whole year (even a little more) before they can actually start to speak. … Continue reading

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What to expect at an audiology appointment

Before getting to the stage of an audiology appointment, most patients will have already seen a GP or an ENT doctor. However, you (or your child / relative) may have suspected the presence of hearing loss for months or even … Continue reading

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